Travel | Wisconsin Dells, WI

A town that was never really on my radar but now is so close to my heart, there is a bunch to do in this midwestern travel destination. When I first booked this gig in Wisconsin Dells, or The Dells for short, I thought I’d be flying to the middle of nowhere, surrounded by cows. […]

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Come From Away | Arts & Culture

I recently saw Come From Away on Broadway and until now I haven’t been able to articulate how I felt about it. “GOOD. GOOD. SO GOOD. GO SEE,” was about all I could come up with because that’s just what it was. I would even venture to say it’s thebesthingi’veseeninmylifeeveromigoshitwouldbeanhonortodoashowsochallengingandbeautifulgahhhh. I had the honor of […]

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