tenoverten | #madeinny

It’s another grey day in New York City. Everyone is over it; you can tell by the chorus of muted grumbles New Yorkers orchestrate as they go about their very important, very stressful days. Everyone is somebody and everybody is no one at the same time; however, I know what always brightens one of these days for me. If you happen across a discrete neon sign that reads 10/10, wander up (or down!) to find warmth, comfort, and relaxation in a secluded beauty haven among the craziness of NYC.
tenoverten nail salon is one of my favorite companies to support and maybe I’m a little bias, because they have supported me for almost two years providing me with a great job to help pay for living in New York while I work towards being a full-time actress. Seriously, they rock. This is the first job I’ve had where I hug my co-workers upon leaving and coming in. That’s why tenoverten is my first #madeinny feature! Everything about the brand screams NYC and the company is founded by two amazing female entrepreneurs that have since it’s conception, taken the nail and beauty industry by storm.
Health-conscience beauty practices have become more and more prominent as we learn more about how important preventative care is. When Adair Ilyinsky and Nadine Abramcyk set out to start tenoverten, they envisioned a nail salon where you could relax free of toxic smells, noisy driers, and the typical rush of your typical neighborhood salon. tenoverten uses medical equipment to sterilize any tools that are reused and uses eco-friendly disposable tools for everything else. The vibe is very serene and friendly. Regular clients are like family and sometimes hang around after to chat with one another or an employee. I watch the day to day happenings at the Fulton Street location with utmost admiration of seeing someone’s vision come to such a sweet fruition. Each salon is unique to it’s neighborhood so I recommend checking out all of them.

tenoverten co-founders Adair Ilyinsky and Nadine Abramcyk.




The brand appeals to just about everyone, but I find it empowers women of all walks of life, whether they come in to have some mommy-alone—time or if they come in with their corporate team for a fun and unique meeting. I often hear from customers that the nail polish selection is overwhelmingly large, especially tenoverten’s own line of nail polish each inspired by a street in Manhattan. How much more #madeinny do you get than that? (P.S. my current favorite is Madison from our spring collection.)


Though the brand is expanding quickly with salons in Los Angeles, California and Austin, Texas now and more to come, I know it’ll always stay true to it’s NYC roots. I recommend going in on a weekend and treating yourself to a luxe pedicure and luxe manicure. Personally, a mani-pedi pairs perfectly with an acai bowl, so if you’re at the Fulton Street location, make sure to stop by Magic Mix Juicery for one of their delicious treats. (My favorite is the Pink Floyd bowl!) Click here to make an appointment!


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